Aesthetic and acoustic
Environmentally friendly
All designs and colors
Fences, walls, ceiling plates etc.

Easy to implement

Any desired shape is possible and Porocom® is very easy to implement.


Porocom® is an environmentally friendly material made from granules of recycled materials.

Sound absorption

Porocom® is an innovatory material that reduces sound pollution.


Porocom® may be used in indoor and outdoor situations. Noise barriers for road and rail traffic and facade elements. For indoor use Porocom wall and ceiling cladding are the ideal solution for noise or where noise must be reduced, like wimming pools, concert halls, theaters, auditoriums, conference and reception areas etc.


Current and completed projects:

  • Lobby, office Scheldebouw | Middelburg, The Netherlands
  • Recordingstudio, Danish television |  Kopenhagen, Denmark
  • Artis, MicroZoo | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Project for Architects Kossmann & de Jong circa 1000 m2
  • Porocom® on metal Wall and ceiling system (Integra)
    Commissioning autumn 2014

Aesthetic and acoustic solutions

Aesthetic and acoustic

Porocom® is an environmentally friendly material which reduces sound pollution. All designs and colors are possible to construct your noise absorbing fences, aes-thetic walls, ceiling plates, etc.

Granules with a binder

The composite construction material is made of granules with a polymer binder and, like concrete, produced in a mould. The granules can be of (recycled) materials such as clay, gravel and glass shards.

Environmentally friendly

Porocom® is in two ways an environ-mentally friendly material: by using recycled or residual materials or by recycling Porocom® itself.
 Each granulate is packed separate in the binder material, therefore also contaminated ceramic materials can be used. This has been tested extensively with positive results.

Light weight, high strength

One of the main characteristics is that porosity can be adjust from so-lid with 0% open space till highly porous with an open cell structure and 30% open space. This in a homogeneous compound. Due to the high strength of the binder ma-terial, the yield strength can be 2 to 5 times higher then the strength of for instance standard concrete.
 Porocom® has excellent outdoor weathering characteristics and is resistant to many organic solvents, acid and alkaline environments. Further it is frost resistant and flame retardant.

Reducing sound pollution

Porocom® is availabel as flat panels (Porocom® Classic) and as panels with sound absorbing cassettes (Porocom® Tremolo), adjustable from mild to extreme high values. Mea-surements in the reverberation room gave record values of 23 dB for standard traffic noise and 33 dB for standard railway noise.

POROCOM® certificates


Sound absorption measurements according reverberation method
ISO 3741/ISO 3742

Laboratorum voor Akoestiek
ISO 354 : 2003 A
2686 april 2014

Excelent, class 1

Classificatie reactie bij brand Volgens:
EN 13501 – 1 : 2007 + A1 : 2009

POROCOM panelen geclassificeerd april 20013 B – s1, d0