Micropia Artis, Amsterdam

Micropia, the world’s first zoo of microorganisms, is housed in the renovated Members Premises. The official launch was on the 17th of June 2013. The expected opening is fall 2014.


Spring 2012 Wim ten Berge / Porocom® was approached by the architectural firm Kossmann.deJong Amsterdam. Kossmann.deJong was developing the concept and design of ‘Micropia’, in Artis at that time. A zoo for fungi, bacteria and viruses. On the walls and ceiling of the Micropia these microscopic creatures are enhanced projected.

Extra dimension

Porocom® was asked to reach a solution for the walls and ceiling. The objective was to give Micropia an extra dimension and good sound absorbing properties, by means of the structure of the walls and ceiling. Architects office Kossmann.deJong was convinced that Porocom® was the best solution.

Specially developed

For this project Porocom® specifically developed a product that meets all of these requirements. The correct granular material, a blown clay grain with a low specific weight, is selected and there is a special fire-resistant coating applied. This fire-resistant layer is tested and certified by Efectis (TNO).
The charcoal gray finish contributes to the expected imaging in this great presentation about the smallest.

Extraordinary results

The Porocom® wall and ceiling should be easily demountable. The renowned ceiling and wall supplier “Integra” had just the right system. Integra provided a metal click system with a rock wool back. The sound absorption has also been tested for this new development. Porocom® panels were tested by Bureau Peutz, acoustics laboratory. The tests of April 2014 show extraordinary results.

Mounting the Porocom wall and ceiling plates

The Porocom® panels are mounted with the Integra System to walls and ceiling in Micropia.

Micropia Artis

Micropia, the world’s first zoo of microorganisms, is located in Amsterdam. Micropia is a great presentation on the smallest. (www.artis.nl)

To achieve this presentation Kossmann.dejong architects chose Porocom ®.



Kossmann.dejong has designed Micropia commissioned by Natura Artis Magistra.
Concept and design of a new animal shelter ‘Micropia, a zoo of fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Kossmann.dejong Website: http://www.kossmanndejong.nl

Why Porocom®?

The sublime sound absorption characteristic of Porocom® and the grain structure give the projection of a microorganism an extra dimension. Both the walls and the ceiling are practically seamlessly performed Porocom® panels in anthracite black color.


The Porocom® panels are made ​​of perforated metal with a powder coating. On the back of the perforated plate the Porocom® wool is placed. On the front you can see the grains with a fire-resistant layer. Altogether there are over 3,000 panels made ​​from 600×600 mm with the Integra clicksystem so that these panels are removable.

Technical information

Total area: 840m2 wall and ceiling
Approximately 2500 panels
Standard size panels 600×600 mm.
Integra click system with virtually seamless transitions.
Grain Material: fired clay granules 8/16 mm
Number of grains: 12.5 million

Team Porocom, inspecting and evaluating progress.

Production unit Porocom®